Red Jade Checkpoint

August 2010 I began crafting a saga that became known as Red Jade. The story follows Gabrion, a young warrior intent on finding his kidnapped girlfriend; Kitalla, a thief with a mind-influencing dance skill looking to improve her control; and Dariak, a mage determined to unite the pieces of the Red Jade so he will have the power to stop the wars.

Book one unites the initial team and sets them on their way to fulfill their personal aims, though not everything goes according to plan. From battling creatures, finding themselves imprisoned, and hunting down magical shards, the team’s journey has only just begun.

And so has mine. With deepest thanks to my family and friends who made it possible, today I submitted book one for editing. I’m super-excited to receive feedback from yet another source so I can continue to improve the overall quality of the story. It is expected to take four to five weeks for the first editing round. Then I will have further corrections to make before rounds two and three. Perhaps before Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or Halloween I’ll have something major to put out there for the world to see!

I could not have accomplished this without the love and support of all of you. Thank you so much!!

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