An Interesting Prompt

I came across a site the other day, where I was given a series of writing prompts. I didn’t expect to tackle one today, but as I was winding down, one of them jumped out at me and I thought I would give it a try.  

The site is The prompt was: “My last day on earth wasn’t supposed to be like this…”

Here’s what I wrote:

It is inevitable. We all have to leave this earth at some point.  Some go before they’re ready.  Others outlast everyone they know.  Me?  Yeah, I’m sitting in an empty house with only creaky floors to keep me company.  I’d thought there’d be… I don’t know… Some kind of fanfare?  Maybe some friends would wave goodbye and wish me well.  Not this.
I knew I couldn’t escape it.  The fever was getting worse and worse every day.  Some battles you just can’t win, but accepting the truth can, in itself, be a victory.  At least that’s what I tell myself.  The best part of being alone is that no one argues back.
Well I won’t be alone for long, isn’t that what they all say?  Once I’m… there, everyone I knew here will greet me.  It always seemed like a silly thing.  What, did they have announcements of arrivals?  How could they, really?  This transitional moment is very personal.  Isn’t it up to me?  If I just get more water and quell my fever a little longer, I’ll keep lasting.
The trouble is, the well is basically dry.  It could sustain me, but the lake took on its own fever, I guess you could say.  Now there’s barely a drop left for anyone.  I sure don’t have it in me to dig another well.
Hold on and let me close my eyes for a moment.  There.  That eases the pain in my belly.  Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’m nervous.  As I said before, we all have to make this journey.  I wanted to hold out longer, but I realize that I just can’t.  I’m burning up and I know in my heart that it’s time to go.
So I listen to the creaking house for a few seconds longer.  It won’t be my place anymore soon.  Those scratches on the wall were from the day Pat and I were putting up a new light in the kitchen but I fell off the stool and went kerplunk right into the fridge.  I didn’t think I had it in me to upend the thing, but there I did it, and the wall was never the same again.  In a moment, no one else will remember that story here.
With one last breath, I know my time has come.  I feel the heat burning my throat as the air struggles to get through.  There’s nothing left in me to swallow either.  
A knock at the door interrupted me from focusing on these sensations.  I guess I knew he would come.  I opened the door and he stood there, not quite as tall as I expected, but his face was covered and he didn’t speak. There was no need.  I knew what was next.
Silently, I followed him out, glancing over my shoulder one last time, offering a wordless farewell to my beloved home.  I trailed my guide the few remaining steps.
I coughed around the searing dryness in my throat and with a sympathetic hand, he touched my shoulder. It was cold and oddly enticing.  I knew he was there to take me from this place forever, but I wasn’t scared.  I was ready.
I don’t know why I was ready, standing there in my jammies, parting from my surroundings, knowing I would never come back.  Maybe I was just born at the wrong time.  Scientists had worked for countless years to prevent this but they couldn’t. Now it was the moment to press on and never return.
I climbed up behind my guide as he fumbled around with something I could not see.  A glass shield closed over me and suddenly the awkward pains and dryness were gone.  I kept my gaze transfixed on my house, but now it was harder to see.  The sunlight was blinding even though it was shining behind me.  
Then all at once it happened.  I felt my body rise up into the air and I also sensed a rush of external heat as I separated from the land below.  There was a massive explosion and I went instantly deaf.  I guess I had lingered here too long, after all.  When we reach our destination, my friends and family may greet me, but I won’t hear them ever again.  
As we floated away, I gazed back at my house one final time.  For real this time.  The brilliant sunlight was filtered by the glass overhead, but I could see that the fiery source of life was in the midst of its meal.  As it went supernova, the sun devoured the earth and my house was nothing more than kindling for a flame that was already out of control.  I almost didn’t make it.  No wonder everyone else had left long ago.
As the pilot flew me to the space station where I would take a transport to Jupiter, and from there board a galaxy planetship that would find me a new home, I couldn’t help but wonder to myself, “My last day on earth wasn’t supposed to be like this…”
And there you have it.  Sure it needs some cleaning up, but that was fun.  How did you think it was going to end?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Very creative piece. How do you come up with your ideas? Was this something you thought of before or did it just hit you on the spot?

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