The Truest Magic

Magic always fascinated me. Move your hands like this. Say wacky words like that. And wham! A fireball shoots forth and lights the world around you. …Or something like that. Yet as cool as that would be, there is only one True Magic and my friends are lucky enough to join the ranks of those of us who know it: Love.

We all love things. Maybe you have a movie that melts your soul. Perhaps your cat or dog take all your day’s pain away and you know you’re fuller and healthier for it. Perchance you found another person who fits you so well you couldn’t imagine being without him or her. Perhaps you’re working on loving yourself more right now. Life exists on love. It is everywhere, even on the dark days, and not always in the ways we expect.

There are times when I write a story that I envision the love between two characters to be a certain way. They just fit without any major drama. Or perhaps their relationship is built on sarcasm, or the situation they’re in, or wherever it stems from. Sometimes when I read it over, I wonder if these are true loves or if they’re only in my mind.

So many stories rip the lovers apart after working so hard to build them together, because it’s a … better story? I don’t know if I agree. Characters in TV shows split and recouple all the time, even when they were perfect together all along. Is it a better story that way? I don’t know. For me, I’d rather we get to live with their love and see what wonderful things they do together.

“But it happens!” some people cry out. There may be a tragedy, and I’ve seen those happen around me, and my heart has been ripped out. It takes a long time to heal from those moments, and for some it does become quite the story. (If you want a good cry, watch the movie P.S. I Love You.)

I shrug. That’s fine. Life can have terrible things or nonsensical things occur. I would rather not have every relationship I write about end in departure. Sometimes I do let the characters go their separate ways. 

But not always. Often, the love works. And today is no exception.

While my own heart is full and overjoyed, thanks to Kevin, it is always wonderful to be reminded of the True Magic around us. Our good friends, Leanne and Mark, just cast their own magic spell. It involved some fancy finger motions and a magic incantation while bent to one knee, and I assure you there was enough light and joy filling the sky that we could see it and feel it from miles away. Don’t just take my word for it; Leanne can tell you their tale in her own words if you just click here.

And in just a few days’ time, my best friend’s daughter will also be tying the knot! Joy to all!

Congratulations, my friends. You’re an inspiration and I’m overjoyed and thrilled for you both! Now I need to go write a new chapter somewhere…

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