Prologue Peek

This bit is just for you. It’s a brief peek at part of the prologue of Red Jade: Book 1: Journeys in Kallisor. Twenty years ago, the kingdoms were at war once again. An ill-fated group determined to turn the tide. Enjoy.

  “Vetrimon, get moving. If we don’t get this done now, we’re lost.” The rogue pulled a dark shroud over her head, neatly concealing herself in the dark night.
  “King Kannilon will have our heads for this,” the man complained.
  Another from the group of five piped in. “This war’s been going on long enough. If we’re successful here, then we may be able to turn the tide. His Majesty would thank us.”
  “Besides,” Freth noted grimly, her voice barely heard, “we’re not likely to make it back anyway.”
  “Thanks for the reminder.” Vetrimon groaned. Then, a moment later, he shuddered. “What if we encounter any mages?”
  Freth spat on the ground. “Curse those nature-mangling fools. That’s the whole reason we’re here, to stop them from destroying the natural order of things.”
  A white-haired thief jabbed Vetrimon in the arm. “If you’re not with us on this venture, then stay behind here and be lost on the field tomorrow. I’ve heard enough complaints. Freth, are we doing this?”
  The five rogues reached their hands together and whispered tightly, “For Kallisor!” Each took a pouch from Freth and tucked it away. They shared a last solemn look of commitment and darted off into the night.

2 thoughts on “Prologue Peek

  1. This is going to be an epic journey of literary fun. Really looking forward to reading all four volumes! And if you ever need another set of eyes in the edit process, hit me up–I have plenty of editing experience. 🙂

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