Lord of the Things

We are halfway into our vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. It is our first visit to the island and we are staying with Kevin’s family. If I let my mind wander, I feel as if there a number of parallels to Lord of the Rings, without the grand evil overlord bent on destruction.
Steve and Kevin

Our party is an interesting one. Kevin and I are the two new hobbits from a smaller island seeing this vaster, more luscious world for the first time. Hilariously, we both started new diets at the dawn of summer and being on vacation has changed the flow, which is half the fun of vacation. So it’s not quite second breakfast or elevenses we’re looking for, but our eating pattern has changed. With each new location we visit, our eyes open with wonder and merriment, and we bravely seek what awaits around each bend.

Kevin’s brother, our host, John, plays the role of Gandalf. He met us at the airport and introduced us to the island and our “quest” — then work called him away with other matters from the wizarding world, and he will return this evening. True to form of a great and powerful wizard, we don’t precisely know when his arrival will occur. I wonder if he will be wearing a fresh white robe. Always a mystery.

Our hostess, Christie, is Queen Galadriel, elegant and wise, ever-helpful and friendly. She ensures all of our needs are taken care of and at dinner last night, she made sure we sampled delicious Lembas — er, garlic — bread. It was delicious and sustaining! She has provided all the transport for our adventures and has been an informative and delightful guide to all our destinations.

Next is the elven princess, Courtney, whose laughter echoes like a breeze through the glorious trees. She weaves wondrous tales of friends and places, engaging us all in smiling joy. Especially talented, every yard of fabric she touches glistens with magic and flutters in the island breeze, adding to the color and fragrant wonder of this magical land.

The final member of our Fellowship is the burly dwarf, Matthew, whose prime focus is battle strategy. His face glows with the LCD Light of Doom as he unleashes special attacks upon our foes and makes the world around us safe from orc and goblin alike. Though his focused methods may separate him from the group at times, he is certainly aware of his surroundings and strategizes accordingly. Take care when trying to capture his likeness on fairy-film, however, for dwarven blood does not take well to magic, and often his image appears distorted.

The quest is underway and we are thoroughly enjoying the different routines, sights, sounds, and flavors. We are curious to see much Moria of this island, and I hope you don’t “mine” my indulgence here. Onward!

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