Editing Continued

I have now completed my journey in Kallisor one more time. After several personal edits and beta reads of the manuscript, I turned my work over to three separate editors, in turn.

My first editor, Jill, went to war on the syntax and helped increase the overall flow of the words, adding to that “melt in your mouth” feeling (or maybe eyes, not mouth?).

My second editor, Sarah, was also a beta reader who pointed out a few aspects of the story to tweak and caught some other wording issues.

My third editor, Katherine, polished up a few wording issues that still snuck through but pointed out four major areas where she felt my intent wasn’t coming across. When I looked at it through her lens, I realized she was right, and in one case, it was also what my friend Hayden had said but I hadn’t fixed yet.

Editing those four key issues has been the main focus of my work these past couple of weeks, and now I think I have it. Each issue required a bit of rewriting, and in one case, creating a whole new scene. Each of these pieces of feedback has added to the quality of the story and I really am excited to share it with everyone.

However, I have one more editor lined up now that the bulk of the work is finished. It’s time for the final rinse and shine. Once I send that off, I have a little time to wait. From there, I will make any other corrections needed and then releasing the book to you will be right around the corner. I’m still hoping for October.

One of the most important aspects in all this is the continuity between stories. Red Jade is a four-book series, and even though all four books are finished, I have to release them one at at time right now. I will be working on the other books, tweaking them with all I have learned so far through the editing of book one, Journeys in Kallisor.

Already, I have rewritten the prologue of book two, the Shattered Shards, and made a number of changes to chapter one so that it better fits the closing the first book, considering the changes that I have made. I am sending off book two to Rochelle tomorrow so she can make the first wave of edits.

Thanks, everyone, for all your hard work and support. This has always been a dream of mine and every reader, every suggestion, every edit, and every smile makes it a dream come true.

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