Review: Vibrations by P.E. Padilla

My Rating: ♦♦♦♦◊

All in all, Vibrations is a good story with a magic system based on the science of vibrational energy from atoms. I appreciated the scientific basis and the connections discussed throughout. Meditation techniques and fighting strategies were also explained clearly as part of Sam’s training.

The journey takes some time to get going, but along the way the reader gets a good feel for the characters and their growth. Settings and scenes are well-described and help the reader to envision what is taking place. There are some instances of repetitiveness and over-explanation, but not excessively so; it suggests the story is more geared for a ‘new adult’ audience, to coin a relatively new term in the industry.

There are some surprises and intrigue which keep the story moving along. Some things that surprise Sam don’t necessarily surprise the reader, but it is still interesting to live with Sam’s view on the world around him.

I enjoyed this story and would recommend it for those who like to grow and learn with the characters and are willing to partake in numerous training sessions with Sam and the rest of his group. The action picks up in the second half with a satisfying conclusion. I would pick up book two.

Find Vibrations here.

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