Kono: A Strategic Board Game (Now Available!)

Kono: Title Screen

Kono: Title Screen

It’s an exciting evening here… Kevin’s new iOS game, Kono, is live on the App Store!

Kono: 7x7 Board Mid-Game

Kono: 7×7 Board Mid-Game

It is a free strategy game that reminds me partly of checkers and of Go. You and the computer have pieces filling the board. Jump over your own piece to capture the opponent’s piece. Reduce the opponent down to one piece or trap the pieces so the enemy can’t move, and you win!

The rules are really simple and easy to learn. Either jump over your own piece to capture an enemy, or move your piece one step onto an empty space. That’s it. The rules are easy enough for all ages to learn.

Kono: Settings Screen

Kono: Settings Screen

There are also four difficulty modes in the game. It starts you off on Intermediate. If the game is too hard, you can hop over to the settings screen and change it to Beginner. Or if you want a greater challenge, try Advanced or Expert.

Kono : Game Center Achievements

Kono: Game Center Achievements

Kono is also linked up with Game Center now so you can earn achievements by completing the different board layouts, and so on. Check out the list and see what challenges await you.

Kevin also has plans for the future of Kono, including a two-player mode and quest mode, which will include other board layouts and pieces. He may even add the ability to create your own levels once those are in place. For now, though, there’s a ton of strategic gameplay to be had.

Huntington Phoenix Logo

Huntington Phoenix Logo

On a personal note, Kevin added a link on the title page explaining some of the struggle his mom endured as she battled cancer. Though she is no longer with us, the essence of her generosity and kindness will also be in our hearts. Check out the link in the app and you will be redirected to the Huntington Phoenix website where you can read the story and optionally choose to click through to donate for cancer research. Kevin does not receive any compensation for, nor has he any affiliation with, the donation links. Like his mom, he just wants to help others.

Kono: Red Wins - Earns an Achievement

Kono: Red Wins – Earns an Achievement

If you have an iOS device, please take a moment and download the game and give it a try. It is free to use and play. Then, please post a review in the App Store so the game can be rated worldwide.

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