Back in Business

The past two weeks of silence have been somewhat maddening. I’m hoping that all the web drama is over. Before I forget though, my mailing list was wiped clean, so please resubscribe at the bottom of the page!

In short, my domain host, Yahoo! Small Business, stopped being helpful or useful. After a blog upgrade, the server would no longer allow any further updates whatsoever. Also, the iOS BlogPost app I had been using stopped functioning. When I contacted customer support, they arbitrarily deleted an essential file and things spiraled downward from there.

I’m pretty savvy with the computer stuff usually, though I feel those skills have been waning. Trying to use the Yahoo self-help menus was impossible as many links on their own help site were broken. It was time to say good-bye to my host.

After much searching (which had actually started weeks before then out of curiosity) and reading many reviews on many sites, I decided that BlueHost was worth looking into. Then I made the plunge and signed up.

They explained everything, from all the steps I would need to transfer the domain over to everything else. Sadly, my other host did not want to let me go, so things took longer than expected. Once the transfer was made, I was able to get WordPress up and running again at its new home.

There were other bumps in the road. Because of the previous “no you can’t install or update anything anymore” from host one, I was unable to get everything migrated over perfectly because I had been unable to access the files I needed. With that said, my newsletter mailing list has been wiped clean, as had all the thumbnails of the photos.

I had to contact BlueHost on a few occasions during the setup process for various reasons and each time they not only responded within a few hours, they also resolved the issue. What a concept! I’m currently loving my new host.

That’s all for now. I just wanted to say that I’m back in business and to ask everyone to please resubscribe for updates. Have a great night!

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