A New Honor

With all the excitement of Journey in Kallisor‘s release, I wasn’t mentioning it outright to my students. Though I’d love for them to read it, I was waiting for the principal and librarian to affirm it was fine for the middle school students. As it happens, word gets around. And the proof copy sitting in my back office was spotted too. 

On Friday, I sent an email out to the parents to let them know of the book and the fact that there is a gay main character. Acceptance is increasing in the country, but it isn’t universal and I’m not looking to stir controversy. If the parents have an issue with it, then at least they were informed. Maybe I shouldn’t be as concerned, but my students’ best interests are always at the forefront of my day, and I wouldn’t want to add any conflict.

Today, one of my students came in to class with the book. And he politely asked me if I would sign it. It absolutely made my day. I gladly offered my inscription and noted that the print date was on Saturday, so he had really just gotten his copy in. 

I wonder how he’ll take to the adventures of Gabrion, Dariak, and Kitalla. Will their battles be exciting? Daring? Wild? I can’t wait to hear!

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