Kallisor’s First Review!

It’s a great feeling to have book one out there, and even better to have my first review! With a caption like, “RPG Fans Rejoice,” it has me beaming. When you’ve finished the book, I’d be honored to have you add your own review to the Amazon.com page. It would really mean a lot!

Here’s the review:

“RPG Fans Rejoice

Journeys in Kallisor is the first book in the Red Jade series. Let me just start by saying that if you’re a fan of classic role-playing games, this book and your imagination will provide hours of entertainment to combat the forces of boredom in a mundane world. The story follows a classic quest line, characters searching for shards of a magical item of great power. There is battle, magic, some humor, and fantastical creatures that made me have Final Fantasy flashbacks. The book is a typical length for an epic fantasy book, weighing in at just under 450 print pages. 

There were a few things that kept me from enjoying the book more than I did. Probably the biggest thing was the point of view (POV) from which it was written. The story uses the difficult-to-use-well omniscient POV and the head jumping occurs so rapidly at times that it becomes confusing. Even worse, it jolted me out of my immersion in the story and made me realize I was reading, not experiencing the story through the characters themselves. There were some troublesome inconsistencies in the characters’ personalities and in some of the situations that occurred in the story as well. Overall, if you are looking for an entertaining read that brings you back to classic fantasy, and more specifically RPG gaming, tropes, check out Journeys in Kallisor.”

Keep those reviews coming! Thanks, everyone!

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