Hurdle: Finding Time

The biggest challenge I face today is finding the time I need to complete my edits. I can’t just sit for ten minutes here and there to work on them. That would be like painting a wall a little bit every hour. It loses the flow and the brush tends to dry up and scratch the wall, or it requires spending a lot of time cleaning the bristles in between.

To truly edit, it takes a block of time to sit and let myself sink back into the world I created with the people who live there. I love spending time there, but life outside that world is a busy place too. 

This week, I received back the edits for book four of the Red Jade series. It is the culmination of the story and I received great feedback from my editor. I always take the edits and just read them through first to see the overall tone of what needs to be done, of where I slipped off the mark in the story, and so on. Mostly, I have a bit of cleaning to do, but I don’t have to repaint the whole room, so to speak. I feel grateful and excited.

While these edits have been going on, I have also been working with my cover artist on the other covers. Every time I think we are finished, I come up with some other tweak to the art or text and we dive back into it. I’m also printing the covers without the text for myself, so we also check to make sure that works too. 

I’m also doing my part to get the word out about book one. It is truly amazing how much time goes into just that alone! With all the books out there in the world, getting mine noticed takes a bit of work. It is rewarding that reviews are starting to come in for it. If you have Journeys in Kallisor, please consider posting a review on Amazon. It would really help.

Kono with Journeys in Kallisor ad 

Kevin also made some great ads to include in his iOS apps. I love how they turned out!

So now I have need of a time machine. Or, like the girl in the old TV show Out of this World, I’d love to just bring my fingers together and pause the world around me. Then I could escape into Kallisor and Hathreneir and see what Dariak and the others are up to.

To be fair, “finding” time is a bit of a misnomer. Really, it should be “making” time. So now I need to look at my schedule and shift some things around and get to work on those edits. The journey continues and there are those among you already awaiting book two. It is on its way, I promise!

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