Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a big day today for many people. A time to get together with family and revel in the massive amounts of food placed before us. Ok, sure, that isn’t the reason for Thanksgiving, but it is still a good excuse to come together and to express our gratitude for the things around us.

I am grateful for many things. Some are silly and others are grand. I try each day in my life to feel that gratitude, and that is something I believe everyone should do. Appreciate what you have, even when times are tough. So for now, let me thank a few people:

  • To my mom, for always being my biggest ally
  • To my dad, for all your support
  • To Kevin, for your love and kindness
  • To John and Liz, for including me as part of your family
  • To Kim, for ever being my Wonder Twin
  • To Lisa and Bob, for your spirit and joy
  • To Merlin and Monty, for enriching our lives daily
  • To John, for lessons you’ve taught me
  • To Lois, for all of our adventures
  • To Joseph and Christina, for the life you bring
  • To Leanne and Mark, for the unlimited laughs
  • To Chris and Sean, for all the good times
  • To Larry and Jeremy, for always keeping me in your hearts
  • To Kathy and John, for your warmth and understanding
  • To Christie and John, for all your magic
  • To Jeff and Laura, for pursuing your dreams
  • To Jared, for the inspiration you’ve brought me
  • To Hayden, for your keen insight that challenges me to be better
  • To Lorrie, for all distant hugs and support
  • To Greg, for sharing your adventures
  • To Gaby, for protecting our rights every day
  • To Eric, for helping me focus on the behind-the-scenes stuff
  • To Brian, for rising to the challenge
  • To my aunts, uncles, and cousins, for all your passions
  • To my colleagues, for always helping me grow
  • To my students, for the lessons you’ve taught me too
  • To my readers, for living in my worlds
  • To my author friends, for the multitude of the helpful advice
  • To Rochelle, my editor, to the careful attention you’ve given my creations
  • To Fyodor, for visually bringing my characters and world to life
  • To my reviewers, for taking the time to let me know your thoughts
  • To the amazing staff at Mac’s who always take care of us like family
  • To our other favorites (Piccolo, Restaurant Joanina, Tutto Pazzo, Andrea’s 25, Porto Vivo, Primo Piatto, Pomodorino, Bertucci’s, Toast & Co., etc.), for great food and company
  • To video game companies like SquareEnix, Fireproof Games, Activision, Lego, and Gree, for the entertainment
  • To the actors on Broadway, for the ecstatic entertain in every show I’ve seen
  • To the movie and TV show crews, for a phenomenal processes of getting the job done
  • To all my followers online, for all of your support!
  • To the Levittown crew who’ve tapped me on Facebook, for the memories
  • To everyone I had to have missed, for giving me more to be grateful for later when my brain starts working again
  • And of course to William Shatner and State Farm for this important PSA with a catchy twist, thanks to melodysheep
Deep Fried Turkey - William Shatner

Deep Fried Turkey – William Shatner, State Farm PSA

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