Healing Magic

I love video games, such as the Final Fantasy series. Magic is an awesome force with the potential for good or ill. Among the most useful spells are those of healing. 

These past couple of weeks have been difficult and we could use a bit of healing magic. Our cat, Monty, has been going through a series of ails and still isn’t out of the woods yet. I’ve been dealing with my own illness, as have many of the people around me.

Yuna (FFX) casting Curaga. Source: Final Fantasy Wikia

So it has me thinking… Where is our version of healing magic? How does the healing magic in my favorite games work in their world? Characters are battling endlessly and a simple cure spell allows them to just keep going. Get hit with poison? Use an antidote spell. In some cases, the basic spells don’t seem to be enough and it’s necessary to obtain a sand ruby from the antlion or some such thing. What are the rules? How can a magic spell cure cuts during a battle but not a sleeping sickness? 

If I had access to healing magic today, I would first send it to Monty so I could bring him home and have him with me again. I would then send the spells out to my family and friends who need it most. 

Where would your healing magic go? 

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