Red Jade Cover Reveals

The holiday season is upon us and the world is aglow with light and smiles everywhere. People are bustling about in stores buying gifts and food, and the anticipation of merriment is everywhere.

While this is going on, I have also been working with Fyodor Ananiev on the cover designs of Red Jade books 2, 3, and 4. As a refresher, let’s take a look at the cover of book one, Journeys in Kallisor. For added fun, let’s just focus on the artwork. I’ve removed all the text and overlays for now…

Red Jade: Book 1: Journeys in Kallisor


The other books are already written. I am still processing the edits from my editor, Rochelle Deans. It is my goal to have book two ready in early winter 2016. The title is The Shattered Shards and it continues the quest of Gabrion, Dariak, and Kitalla, as well as a few new companions. 

Red Jade: Book 2: The Shattered Shards


While questing for the shards of the Red Jade in Hathrenier, the group itself is shattered by numerous events. The structure of book three cycles among the characters as their quest continues. Book three, The Assembly, is anticipated for a spring 2016 release.

Red Jade: Book 3: The Assembly


At long last, the journey must come to an end. The Red Jade saga ends with book 4, The Forgotten Tribe.

Red Jade: Book 4: The Forgotten Tribe


As you can see, Fyodor has done exquisite work once again. I had intended to share only book two’s cover tonight, but in my excitement, I decided I had to share them all with you. I hope you enjoy the artwork and I look forward to reading your reviews on Amazon as you get to read each installment over the coming year.

Have a great night!


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