The greatest moment for an author like me is knowing that people are reading and enjoying my work. Some readers have told me directly what they liked and what didn’t work for them. It’s truly helpful feedback, both the good and the critical, and I learn and grow from all your words.

Journeys in Kallisor has been out for just two months but it feels so much longer than that! I’ve shared this world I’ve created and I have enjoyed the experience deeply. I look forward to getting book two into your hands early in 2016. It’s my goal!

For this holiday season of giving, I would like to ask every reader of any book a special favor: Go and give an author a review. Whatever genre you’re reading, once you’ve hit the end of the story, please consider finding the author’s review page and post a review there. And it is okay to be honest. It really is. We grow from the feedback we receive. 

One of my reviewers made my day with the statement that, “[If] you’re a fan of classic role-playing games, this book and your imagination will provide hours of entertainment to combat the forces of boredom in a mundane world.” That’s exactly the feel I was going for, so I’m thrilled to have nailed it. And this same reviewer added, “The story uses the difficult-to-use-well omniscient POV and the head jumping occurs so rapidly at times that it becomes confusing.” It is a critical point that I have taken to heart as I work on the edits for the rest of the series. 

Another reviewer felt the “names of the places and the people seemed confusing at first,” and I can understand that too. It’s a new world with a bit of information and people to meet right off the bat and it takes time to adjust to new settings. Hopefully as I move ahead I can keep the transition from reality to fantasy smoother. This reviewer added, “A loose comparison for Journeys in Kallisor would be a combination of The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.” That filled me with a sense of awe at the comparison! Also, “[The author] uses each character’s strengths to the advantage of the group and uses their weaknesses to show how each learn and grow.” That was certainly my goal, and I’m glad I managed to succeed there.

All these comments mean the world to me because the readers took the time to share their thoughts with me and with the world. Please consider doing the same for whichever book is currently on your nightstand. 

Your words help to inspire our worlds. 

My goals for 2016 include completing edits for Red Jade and getting the other three books in the series out by the ends of winter, spring, and summer. I also plan on following my own request by posting reviews for books I read on Amazon, Goodreads, and any other author site I can. More than that, I hope to honor and cherish all the people around me with even more positivity and support.

So now that you’ve read all this, which book are you heading off to review now? Trust me, it will make the author’s day!

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