Brandon Skeie: So Bad

image.jpegWhen I put music on, it has to move me. And I have to stumble across it somewhere else in order to hear it first. I don’t listen to the radio or hang out in clubs, so I don’t always hear what’s new.

While browsing Facebook, I saw that Instinct Magazine had posted an article on November 28, 2015 matching up a male vocalist singing Adele’s Hello. Thus I was introduced to the talent of Brandon Skeie. 

I tagged his official Facebook page and have vicariously enjoyed the adventures of this artist. He performs in NYC and at some point I’ll get in there for a show. 

Today, January 22, 2016, is an important day for him. His debut single So Bad is now available. It’s a catchy tune and you can hear his vocal range and control. This guy has definite talent and I’m glad for that viral post that ended up on my wall.

I know how important release day is, so let’s all give him the best release day we can!

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