Book Review: Audrey and the Extraordinary Camera

Available on Amazon and Kindle

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Picture yourself stumbling across a special camera that brings to life the object you photograph. What would you do with your camera? What would you take pictures of? Where would you go? And what would you learn along the way?

Leanne Gelish recently released her first children’s book, Audrey and the Extraordinary Camera. The story follows Audrey Terralucci, an eight year old girl whose repetitive days are less than inspired. She comes across a special camera and the whole world opens before her eyes. 

Audrey’s tale is an imaginative journey set in New York City. It mixes in just enough fantasy to allow for the extraordinary events to develop, though the story itself is grounded in realism. Audrey deals with her mom, kids at school, and some important life lessons along the way. Kids will relate to Audrey’s choices and situations, and adults will appreciate the underlying message of the story.

It’s a quick read overall, which is fantastic for the kids who will undoubtedly fall in love with it. They’ll be able to relive Audrey’s adventures whenever they want and they can dream up their own uses for the magical camera. 

Grab your creative side and snap on over to Amazon to grab your print copy or give it a click and download it to your Kindle. 

Book link: Audrey and the Extraordinary Camera

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