The Shattered Shards: Now Available!

Now Available!

The shattered shards in a shattered land…

It is my great pleasure to announce that Red Jade: Book 2: The Shattered Shards is now available on Amazon!

Join Dariak and his companions as they race across two kingdoms, chased by monsters and the king’s soldiers, meeting obstacles along the way. With each shard of the Red Jade they find, the team grows stronger, but such power has its consequences.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me as I work on this series so I can get it out to the world. From family and friends to my beta readers and editor, you’ve all helped me to produce the best story I’ve ever written. I look forward to putting my efforts into editing books 3 and 4 so they can also be released this year.

Thank you also to my readers for joining Dariak, Kitalla, Gabrion, and Randler on their quest to gather the shards of the Red Jade. As you reach the end of each book, I would be honored if you could post a review on the book’s Amazon and/or GoodReads page. Thank you so much!

I would also be grateful if you could share or retweet this post and help me to spread the word!

Thank you everyone!




With the fall of the Prisoner’s Tower, Dariak and his companions head west toward his home kingdom of Hathreneir. The group struggles against feral creatures while striving to avoid the king’s soldiers. With each piece of the Red Jade, Dariak’s powers grow, but—as in Pindington—he can’t always control them.

As the group journeys through the opposing kingdoms, each member must confront his or her past. Though they gather allies along the way, the war looms closer and peace seems ever out of reach. Only uniting the jade fragments can save them, or so Dariak believes.

The desert expanse of Hathreneir reaches silently toward the lush fields of Kallisor. Restoring the balance of magic can save the realms, but with the shards in the hands of foes, and two kings locked in an ages-old battle, the Red Jade isn’t the only thing that is shattered.

You can also find Book 1: Journeys in Kallisor in print and on Kindle.

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