The Master Returns

I’ve mentioned before that my all-time favorite book is Master of the Five Magics by Lyndon Hardy. I have the trilogy still sitting on my bookcase, but it’s behind glass unlike my other collected books. I’ve looked for other works of his but eventually gave it up after years of fruitless findings. Clearly, I didn’t learn from Alodar… I gave up my quest too soon. Something unexpected happened recently:

Lyndon Hardy commented on my blog!

At first, I didn’t believe it. “Who’s being a wiseguy?” But really, he’s getting back into writing and he found my original post about his work and he reached out. I’ve never had that feeling before. Star-struck, excited chills, laughing for the sheer awesomeness of it. I was truly taken aback. He has a blog of his own up now at and I was able to learn a little about him.

So where has he been? Apparently trapped in one of the seven realms teaching physics. Immediately, that made sense to me. What always drew me to his work was the scientific feel and connectedness of his stories. The logic of the five magics, the creative alternate realms, and a secret sixth magic all fit within bounds of reason. I never was a huge fan of magic for magic’s sake. It should be part of the world with limits and rules just like physics has limits and rules. I stray away from stories where the wizard suddenly conjures up a massive dragon to wipe out an army and save the day. Because why didn’t he just do that first?

I wrote back to Lyndon Hardy regarding his comment on my blog and we’ve had a few awesome exchanges. Amusingly, he comments on his blog about a fun plot line and so I obliged by providing him one.

His original trilogy is long out of print so no one can get it anymore unless you’re good at scrounging around — and I still won’t loan you mine. He has done some work on the stories and they have fresh covers now (which, admittedly, I have to get used to after all the years of looking at the originals) and he has made some updates to the stories. When he told me about some of the changes he made, I was beside myself with excitement. More thaumaturgy? Yes please!

I’m over-the-moon to open the new volumes and delve back into Alodar’s journey. It will be like the fey making tweaks to their thought-bubble realms, improving upon the journey within.

If you love fantasy and science, go grab a copy of the updated stories, then write your own reviews on and help spread the word through your own contacts and friends on social media. And give Lyndon Hardy a shout-out while you’re at it. You never know… he could have a fourth book idea in mind.

Magic by the Numbers Trilogy:
Master of the Five Magics (2nd edition)
Secret of the Sixth Magic (2nd edition)
Riddle of the Seven Realms (2nd edition)

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