I love numbers. I see patterns in them everywhere. Like today is 4/4 and there are 4 more days to our wedding. Today was also my 41st workout session with David and I’m 41. On Thursday, my last session before the wedding will be number 42 and I will spend my entire 42nd year and beyond as a married man. Plus 42, as we all know, is the meaning of life. Today is also 38 days away from my birthday and that’s just four days less than becoming 42. Four days ago would have been 42 days away from my birthday and that would have been 8 days away from our wedding which is on the 8th day of the 4th month.

Ok, I’m getting carried away.

I’m so excited for this Saturday, to be standing with Kevin, to exchanging rings, to taking him as my husband. It’s going to be so much fun (and I will not bore you with the detail that the ceremony is at 4 for the 2 of us…)

Omg, ok, so on April 8 at 4, the 2 of us become 1. Powers of two! Binary code! This post has four paragraphs so I’ll stop now. ?