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Stephen J. Wolf earned his PhD in science education in 2006, and has worked as a middle school science teacher since 2001. His passion for chemistry and physics was inspired by watching Mr. Wizard’s World as a child, and learning that many of life’s biggest and most fascinating mysteries could be explained through science.

When he isn’t helping his students discover logic and wonder in the classroom, Wolf enjoys spending time with his partner Kevin, and watching Doctor Who with their two cats, Merlin and Monty. Wolf currently resides in New York.


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  1. Hi Steve, Here’s my spell….abbra-cadabra….remember us mortals when you’re an author on the NY Times best-sellers list.

  2. So I linked to the blog post from SFFA, and came here because there was no option to follow the blog. Then I realized I wasn’t on the home page, went there, and subscribed. I came back here, though, to tell you that I’m pretty familiar with WordPress and am sure that you can post the books you’ve read in a grid with larger images and links to either the author’s website/blog or a review you have written for each. The latter is time consuming, but it may get you some traffic. You can create a page or category for “Books I’ve Read” so that, depending on which route you go, a link is in the sidebar or on the banner. I’d do the page simply because the banner is more visible than the sidebar.

    Good luck with the book!

  3. Hi Steve

    Edited and revised editions of Master of the Five Magics and its sequels are finally back in print, and I want to thank you for helping to make that happen. More than once along the way I would get the urge to yell, “Why am I doing this?” and just quit. But when I was egosurfing and found the kind words on your blog, it helped motivate me to keep at it.

    I would like to make that thanks a little more tangible. If you are willing to send me a USPS address that works for you, I will send you gratis the revised trilogy.

    Lyndon Hardy

    • :O I had to read this a hundred times to make sure it was real. I’m absolutely beside myself! Thank you, that would be wonderful! Talk about the true master of magic!

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