Red Jade Book Series

Red Jade Book Series

All four books of the Red Jade fantasy series¬†are now complete and available. The entire saga spans the kingdoms of Kallisor and Hathreneir, following Dariak and his companions on their quest to end centuries of war. Gathering the shards of the Red Jade allow the companions to tap into elemental powers that give them an edge on their journey. But the jades themselves are fickle and it’s Dariak’s quest to unite them anyway.

It took roughly three years to write the four-book saga. Over the past year, each volume has been through numerous edits and updates. Cover art was created for each book to represent aspects of each story. Now they are available in print and on Kindle. If you read them, please review them on Amazon.

I can’t thank enough everyone who was involved in the entire process, including my partner, my friends and family, my beta readers, my reviewers, my editors, my cover artist, my musician, my students, my writer colleagues, and my readers.


Journeys in Kallisor

Book 1: Journeys in Kallisor

Meet Dariak, Gabrion, and Kitalla. A mage from Hathreneir, Dariak is determined to travel through enemy territory to gather the missing shards of the Red Jade in an effort to stop the centuries-long war. Gabrion, a farmer from Kallisor, joins the quest when his own personal mission goes awry. Kitalla, agile thief, lends her abilities to the team, including a unique dance skill that exudes magic unknown in the land. The trio journeys east through Kallisor, facing feral creatures along the way.


The Shattered Shards

Book 2: The Shattered Shards

After the events that culminated in book one, the team ventures west, joined by Randler, a bard of Kallisor whose dislike of magic challenges his growing relationship with Dariak. The monsters attack in droves and soldiers of the Kallisorian king’s army hunt them down. The team splits temporarily, then reconnects before heading into Hathreneir. The desert lands house new creatures and challenges. The quest for the jades brings the companions to the Hathren liege and the mages. Their biggest challenges, however, are coming to terms with their pasts.


The Assembly

Book 3: The Assembly

Joined by new allies, the companions fracture into four groups. From the western forest of Hathreneir to a quiet town in Kallisor, the rift between the companions must be resolved if the jades are ever to be united. Conflicts arise at every turn and Dariak must trust in his companions to handle matters while he seeks the final shard. Yet the more he learns of the pieces of the Red Jade, the less confident he is that they can even be united at all. [The format of book three is different in that it cycles among the four groups throughout the novel up through the events at the end.]


The Forgotten Tribe

Book 4: The Forgotten Tribe

With the team reunited and the jades gathered, Dariak’s main quest nears completion. But it isn’t as simple and lining up the jades and using their powers. Dariak must seek his father’s help to fully realize the scope of his quest, and the consequences. Kitalla, Gabrion, and other companions they’ve met along the way strive to control the chaos in Castle Hathreneir while also preparing for the culmination of the quest. At last, the questions Randler has pursued find answers as the truth of the Forgotten Tribe is revealed.


Red Jade Updates

Much has happened in the lands of Kallisor and Hathreneir. Dariak first ventured out on his quest to locate the shards of the Red Jade in Book 1: Journeys in Kallisor. His quest was unfinished and he and his new companions continued their journey back through Kallisor and into Dariak’s homeland of Hathreneir in Book 2: The Shattered Shards. Gathering the jades fractured his team and he had one more task left to complete before the end of Book 3: The Assembly, which is now available. And this morning, Dariak’s quest reached its conclusion as I finished edits on Book 4: The Forgotten Tribe. It will take another two weeks or so to release the final entry in the Red Jade series, but the end is nigh!

This entire journey has been phenomenal and I plan to craft out a more detailed start-to-finish description of the process to help my fellow indie authors along the way. Some areas have been easier than others and it’s kind of funny to think that writing this epic tale was the easiest part. The stories and the characters kept me well informed of what was happening to them along the way.


Red Jade: Book 3: The Assembly – Now Available!

Book 3: The Assembly released two weeks ago and there was so much going on here, I didn’t even write a post about it! I do apologize. To celebrate its release, I have placed the Kindle edition of Book 1: Journeys in Kallisor on sale for 99¢. Please help spread the word and tell everyone to grab a copy!

And if you have read any or all of the books, it would be a huge honor if you could please rate and review them on Amazon. Thank you so much for your support and I hope to have Book 4 in your hands before the end of June.

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Book 3 Update


I’ve had a truly exciting couple of weeks. Since the release of Book 2: The Shattered Shards, I’ve been working through my editor’s comments and tonight I finished processing them all.

I don’t take the process lightly. In fact, I go through Rochelle’s edits at least three times. In one, I tackle the sentence-by-sentence corrections to clean up the readability and fix areas that are unclear. Another trip through, I correct larger plot points that are either missing or unclear. At times, this prompts me to rewrite paragraphs, scenes, or entire chapters. It can be daunting, but I enjoy the challenge of presenting the best work I can. I then work through an additional list of suggestions she makes in her external report, which often includes lists of overused words and phrases, as well as some whole-book issues to address.

With each step along the way, I feel the story getting tighter. Scenes I enjoyed before become scenes I love now. I am fortunate to have found a talented editor who keeps in mind the essence of my story while helping to make it stronger.

I’m not yet prepared to release book three, however. The edits are done and though I have had read-throughs from two beta-readers, there is one more reader to go. While she goes through the story, so will I, hunting down any errors left behind during editing, because it happens. Once I receive and process her feedback, book three will find its way out to the world.

And then I can turn to book 4.

Keep your eyes peeled for Red Jade: Book 3: The Assembly. It won’t be long now.