Red Jade

Red Jade series:

Book 1: Journeys in Kallisor (October 17, 2015 [Print]; October 27, 2015 [Kindle])

Hailing from two warring kingdoms, three strangers find themselves on a dangerous quest—to locate the scattered shards of the Red Jade, a magical artifact meant to bring peace throughout the land.

Book 2: The Shattered Shards (February 4, 2016 [Print]; February 5, 2016 [Kindle])

Feral creatures and a brewing war are the least of the concerns of the growing band of adventurers as they discover more shards of the Red Jade and learn of secrets best kept silent.

Book 3: The Assembly (May 5, 2016 [Print]; May 14, 2016 [Kindle])

The divergent paths of the companions separate the shards once more, but the hidden will of the jades cannot be ignored forever.

Book 4: The Forgotten Tribe (complete, release date TBD)

The culmination of the journey reveals the truth of the Forgotten Tribe. Whether the Red Jade is able to bring peace or can only cause more war, only time will tell.

Currently, Red Jade is hosted on Facebook. Please click to go there.

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  2. Please let me know when book #1 will be available to buy!
    I want to order, online?
    Further, and when book’s 2,3,&4. are available.


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