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About the Quizzler

When you answer a question, the correct answer will be shown in green. Use this to learn from your mistakes.

Calculation questions are randomly generated, so you're not likely going to see the same one twice. Also, pre-written questions may be the same, but the choices will be randomized each time you play.

A periodic table will appear at the bottom of this page for sections requiring one (like chemical bonding). Or, it may just be easier to keep your own on hand.

If you reach the end of a question set, you can reset and try again for a higher score. Do this by selecting a different topic first, then come back to the one you want to rerun.

It will take some time for me to add new questions. If you know JavaScript and the curriculum, maybe you can help! (See section below.)

Happy studying! And give me some feedback. Let me know what you like or don't like so I can make improvements. Email Dr. Wolf

Creating Questions for Dr. Wolf to Use

Each question is an object with common properties. The questions are packed into an array and those are sent to the Quizzler.

The format for the Quizzler code (v2) is as follows:

case "topicname":
return [
  q: "What is the question?",
  a: "This is the correct answer.",
  b: "This is a distractor.",
  c: "This is a distractor.",
  d: "This is a distractor."
//add more questions here
break; //this ends the questions for the topic

To help, create a question set starting with the code snippet above. Choice a: must always have the correct answer for the Quizzler to score correctly. It won't always show as Choice A in the applet though. Also, you must always include four possible choices. Please use correct grammar and spelling.

To add a second question, copy the code from brace { to brace }, including the comma. Paste it in before the ending bracket ]. There's a sample below.

Please keep questions grouped by category. Make a second "case" for a second topic, and so on.

You can use HTML tags to format text or include images.

You can do all this in a regular text file or Google Doc. Then email me the file and I'll check it out.

case "atomicstructure":
return [
  q: "Which subatomic particle has a positive charge?",
  a: "proton",
  b: "neutron",
  c: "electron",
  d: "beta radiation"
}, //this ends the first question
{ //this starts the second question
  q: "Which subatomic particle is neutral and therefore has no charge?",
  a: "neutron",
  b: "proton",
  c: "electron",
  d: "alpha particle"
}, //this ends the second question
//add more questions here
break; //this ends the questions for the topic

Quizzler Question Maker

Use this applet to make questions and then send them to Dr. Wolf. You will need an email address to send them.

Type or select a topic name. Then add your question and answer choices. Each question you create will be formatted as code and shown in the result window. You can copy and paste this into an email.

Click the CREATE button to convert your input to code. This will also clear out all the input fields except TOPIC.

The code appears below the buttons. Highlight all the code and copy/paste it into an email to Dr. Wolf.

You can also SAVE and LOAD your questions to your local computer's browser. If you use a different machine, you won't have access to the same storage file. You can also DELETE the storage file if you want to start fresh.

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